The age of heroism.. Adonis Nasr: Remember me when you celebrate victory


The SSNP is a school of struggle. Its doctrine inspires party members to strive for a free life. It drives them to engage in a continuous struggle to gain the nation’s sovereignty and independence and to live in a state of liberty, strength, glory and dignity. “We are a movement of struggle” , Sa´adeh declares. Without struggle, which he equates to freedom, no lofty objectives would be realized and there would be no sense of life. In his Ten Lectures, Sa´adeh highlights the importance of struggle for achieving freedom:

Those who fall in battle without surrender may have been
beaten but not conquered. The ones who are truly conquered are those who surrender and accept lives of degradation. Woe to the capitulators who reject struggle and thereby reject freedom gaining only the slavery they deserve.

Sa´adeh adds:

We are in our attitudes very negative in life, that is, we do not accept any accomplished fact imposed on us or any condition determined for us from outside. We are not weak except if we choose to be weak, if we choose to accept the circumstances that others have contrived or the events that have been imposed on us, and if we choose to resignedly accept the material and ethical decline, which cannot be avoided so long as we have capitulated.

The guiding principles of the party prepare members to resist occupation, to confront oppression, tyranny, and injustice; to endure pain and suffering; and to demonstrate absolute commitment to the national cause and risk their lives for the sake of it. Sa´adeh says: “If we have to fall, we must do so in a way that befits free men, not in ways that befit slaves.” Thus, each member becomes a project of martyrdom, a potential national martyr. “The whole life is a stand of honour”, Sa´adeh preaches. Honourable death becomes the pathway to an honourable, beautiful free life. This pathway was illustrated in his first most important speech of June 1, 1935:

Ever since the hour in which we united our hearts and our hands to stand or fall together for the sake of the realization of the highest ideal proclaimed in the principles of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and in its aim – ever since that hour we have put our hands on the plough and directed our eyes forward toward the ideal. We have become one community, one living nation seeking the beautiful free life, a nation loving life because it loves liberty and loving death when death is a path to life.

Sa´adeh emphasizes such teaching on different occasions. In his speech, delivered on the occasion of the 1st of March [his birthday], 1949, Sa´adeh said:

Everything within us is from the nation and for the nation. Even the blood that flows through our veins is not ours, but a trust left in us by the nation to be returned when it commands.

Yesterday, five strong-willed secular nationalists affiliated with the SSNP sacrificed their life for the freedom of Syria. They fell in the country side of Latakia while resisting the pro-Turkish–Saudi Arabian forces of darkness, ISIS terrorists. They were carrying out their duties of defending the sovereignty of their nation and trying to repel the terrorists so the country and the people can be safe and can enjoy a glorious life void of bombing attacks, massacres, sufferings, hardship, fear and hatred.

These brave men (Adonis Nasr, Abd al-Ruhman Taha, Jamel Kamal, Adonis khouri and Khaled Ghazel) were driven by their national consciousness to fulfill their social obligation: to sacrifice for the nation. In their opinions, extraordinary acts of heroism were necessary for national salvation; to save their country from savage aggressors and an existential occupation.

They all went to the forefront willingly. They went away leaving their loved ones to fight for the sovereignty of their country and for the liberation of their homeland. They went into battle pursuing terrorists with certainty that they could lose their lives.
One of the heroes: Adonis Nasr said before leaving:

“I am the Martyr… Remember me when you celebrate victory”.

Dear Martyrs!
By your honourable stance, you have proven Sa’adeh’s truth:

“Our bodies may fall but our victorious spirits will have imposed their will upon existence”.

We salute your great souls. You are real heroes. You are the sons of light and the eternal life.

You will be remembered by your loved ones, by your comrades and by the generations to come.


Dr. Edmon melhem

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