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President’s Message


 Dear Students and Faculty,

Greetings to you all As we are about to begin the fall 2012-2013 semester, I extend my warmest and most enthusiastic welcome to our students most especially the new ones who joined LIU.  On behalf of the entire LIU community of dedicated faculty and extraordinary staff we will do all that is possible to assist you with your concerns and encourage your overall development, integration and involvement with student life at LIU. LIU is on the path to becoming a truly great university known for its quality programs, dedication to students and commitment to community. LIU’s first priority will always be the education it provides. We will look to our faculty for leadership in focusing and shaping this priority and thus prepare our students for tomorrow’s global world. As committed as ever to our mission, we will continue working closely with students to ensure their successful education, from the point of entry through graduation. To help us move forward you as students/learners are encouraged to study deeply, to question boldly, to debate strongly, to analyze vigorously and to resolve differences in the context of varied perspectives. Again, welcome everyone. Best wishes for a successful academic year.




Where Are We ?


Beirut Campus

Saida Campus

Bekaa Campus

Nabatiyeh Campus

Tripoli Campus

Mount Lebanon Campus

Tyre Campus

Rayak Campus

Akkar Campus


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Tuition Fees


     The Lebanese International University has a semester based academic calendar. The current semesters are fall, spring, and summer.  The fall and spring semester consists of a 15 week academic period whereby a student of academic good standing can register a maximum of   18 credits maximum per each semester.Whereas summer semester consists of 6 weeks and a student can take maximum 8 credits. Only engineering students have an extended summer semester that consists of 10 weeks with maximum 15 credits per extended summer.Each semester the add/drop period begins on the first day of classes.LIU students generally sign up for courses during the registration period before the start of each academic semester.However, you may sometimes want to change your schedule–by adding a course you are not yet signed up for or by dropping a course in which you are enrolled. At the end of each semester final examinations take place. The exams vary in timing and days and may be at a different time from the registered course.



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