Modern University for Business and Science – MUBS



School of Business Administration





Earn a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Staffordshire University ( without interrupting your professional life.

DBA program features:

  • A renowned High Quality British DBA Degree from a top institution.
  • World-class British professors.
  • Program delivered over a series of residential learning and teaching blocks.
  • Part-time program suitable for working professionals.
  • Affordable tuition fees.



School of Computer & Applied Sciences

MUBS is a university recognized in developing and delivering programs that are relevant to the computer industry’s constantly evolving requirements.

Graduates of the School majoring in computer science or communication systems will be wellequipped with strong understanding of programming, networking, electronics and computerhardware. Graphic design graduates will have a deep knowledge in web design, multimedia and advertising art direction.




School of Education & Social Work

The School of Education is committed to advancing educational theory and professional practice. We seek to achieve this through creative teaching, applied research and professional service. We are committed to the initial and continuing development of innovative and ethical teachers, administrators and researchers. Our graduates have found rewarding career opportunities as early childhood educators, elementary teachers, infant / toddler care specialists, supervisors, administrators, resource teachers, early interventionists.





School of Health Sciences

Public Health

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Public Health is designed to promote an understanding of health and disease based on public health principles. The degree plans to explore both quantitative and qualitative aspects of public health at all levels of analysis. Students of public health study the ways in which biological, social, psychological, environmental and policy factors interact to influence human health. Through extensive classroom and hands-on experience, students acquire the health care planning and information handling skills needed for a diverse and constantly changing field.
There is a plethora of opportunities in private and public organizations for entry-level personnel in public health. These include ministries of health departments, voluntary health agencies, human services agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies, corporate worksites, wellness centers, community health organizations, family planning clinics and managed care facilities.
The BS in Public Health program consists of 123 credits divided into 21 general university requirements (Mandatory and Elective) and 102 mandatory faculty courses


The BS in Nutrition and Dietetics program focuses on intensive study in biological and physical sciences as a basis for understanding the science of nutrition and the relationships between nutrients and human health. The program also prepares students to apply their knowledge of nutrition to promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices among individuals and groups as well as those with special nutritional needs. Graduates wishing to qualify as licensed dietitians should complete an Internship
for a minimum of 6 months in a recognized medical setting.

The BS in Nutrition prepares graduates for rewarding careers as Nutritionists, Wellness Experts, Food Service Managers, Dietitians and Community Counselors.
97 credits should be completed, plus 6 to 9 cumulative months of training in a hospital linked to the University, along with a written report and thesis defense in front of a Jury (7 credits in addition to the 97 credits)

Optometry and vision science

The BS in Optometry and Vision Science program will prepare you to meet the challenges of expanding primary eye care as the practice of optometry evolves over the coming decades. The BS in Optometry and Vision Science program targets the academically outstanding student with a strong, realistic motivation toward the optometrist profession. The objective of the program is to provide undergraduate university education in optometry and vision science in order to prepare students for careers in vision care. The program equips students to be professional vision scientists by enhancing their knowledge and skills in designing, performing, and evaluating vision research and analyzing research data.
Graduates will find themselves well-prepared to take on career paths such as: their own optometry business; working in industry to develop or evaluate new products, clinic correction, development of measuring tools and ergonomic devices, working in government sectors, particularly in development of public health and occupational policies or regulations regarding vision in the workplace and quality of life.
The BS in Optometry and Vision Science program consists of 114 credits divided into 21 general university requirements (Mandatory and Elective) and 93 mandatory faculty course

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